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KS 5

Course  A-Level Politics
Examining Board Edexcel
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Why study this subject?

All members of society should have a better understanding of the general rules under which they live. As many people as possible should actively participate in making the rules, upholding them and maybe, changing them. This is what is meant by ‘active citizenship’.


What makes politics different as an academic subject is the emphasis on debate, discussion and argument. Studying Politics involves examining how, why and when people disagree and taking an interest in these disagreements. Politics is therefore particularly likely to suit students who have an interest in the world around them, enjoy debate and like to think for themselves to develop their own views rather than accept the views of others.

Unit 1

UK Politics

Political participation

Political parties

Electoral systems

Voting behaviour




Unit 2

UK Government

The Constitution


The Executive

The UK Supreme Court

Relations between branches


Unit 3

Comparative politics - USA

The US Constitution and federalism
The American Presidency,
The US Supreme Court
Democracy and participation
Civil rights

Assessment AS-

2 Exams 

Assessment A-Level

3 Exams

Next steps - Careers/HE courses

Politics is well regarded by universities and employers not least because it facilitates writing and critical thinking skills. Politics offers a wide range of opportunities in academia and the world of work. Some particularly relevant professions include the Civil Service, journalism, law, research, teaching, local government, pressure groups, trade unionism and many more.

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