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At Oaks Park High School we are committed to ensuring our students make the best progress they can and we see parental engagement as a key part of this. We have therefore developed a learning map for each half term that will tell you what your child is studying for each subject and when their assessments take place. This will enable you to support your child with their home learning and preparation for assessments.

Suggestions on how to use this well:

  • Discuss the map with your child and ensure they are clear on the topics they are covering and when assessments take place.
  • For Years 7-11 – Encourage your child to complete independent learning tasks in addition to their directed homework’s.
  • For year12-13 – Use the topic guide to encourage your child to conduct super curricular activities around their topics to broaden their understanding.This could including things like; reading around their subjects, watching TV programmes related to their topics, visiting museums. 
  • Create a study timetable with your child, so they are organised and can follow a balanced programme of home learning.
  • Create a revision timetable with your child, so they can prepare for their upcoming assessments.
  • These strategies, together with the schools and your support, provide your child with the greatest opportunities to meet their full potential.

Please note these learning maps are brief topic overviews for parents to use. They are not detailed curriculum maps used by staff.

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