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National Apprenticeships Week 2024

Celebrating talent: National Apprenticeship Week – London Borough of Harrow

Throughout the week, students at Oaks Park High School had the opportunity to engage in a range of excellent learning experiences as part of National Apprenticeships Week. These activities aimed to highlight apprenticeships as a viable next step for students after their time at school.

One of the key activities during the week was a special PSHE lesson focused on informing students about the different apprenticeship routes available post-16 and post-18. During this session, students had the chance to join a live webinar and interact with professionals who are currently involved in apprenticeships. This provided them with valuable insights into the benefits and real-life experiences associated with apprenticeships.

To integrate apprenticeships into the curriculum, each lesson began with a short activity that directly linked apprenticeships to the subject being studied. For example, students in Geography explored green apprenticeships, while those in History delved into apprenticeships during Victorian Britain.

On Friday, a special virtual assembly was held during tutorial time, featuring an apprenticeship provider from LAAT. This assembly offered students the opportunity to hear directly from the provider and learn more about the organizations that offer these programs.

As a culmination of the week's activities, the school is excited to announce the inauguration of the first Careers Cafe for the current academic year. The focus of this year's series of Careers Cafes is enhancing employability skills, with the upcoming session spotlighting communication skills, including both speaking and listening. Each Cafe will feature a panel of professionals who will answer questions and engage in discussions with students about how they utilize these skills in their respective careers. This week's panel includes an interpreter, a customer success manager, a missing outreach worker, a member of the Humanities department, and a degree apprentice working in the IT field at Howden Group Holdings.

The diverse range of activities throughout the week has allowed our students to expand their knowledge of apprenticeships, which serve as a key pathway for their future. By actively participating in these initiatives, our students are not only broadening their understanding of employment opportunities but also laying the groundwork for their future success.