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More Able Programme

At Oaks Park High School, all More Able students are invited to join the More Able Programme. This is a specialist programme where students are supported to reach their full potential. In addition to having opportunities to stretch and challenge themselves in lessons, students on the More Able Programme are offered the chance to take part in a range of activities focused on developing their skills. Some of these may include trips, competitions, extra-curricular clubs, collaborating with other schools, careers advice, and conferences.

We aim to foster each student’s unique gifts and talents while meeting their individual needs and raising their aspirations. This is achieved by creating a stimulating learning environment where high expectations and standards are the norm and where lessons are both rigorous and challenging for all students. Learning should be engaging, rewarding, and an enjoyable experience. We believe all students should be inspired to develop a passion for learning, become effective and reflective lifelong learners, and realise their full potential. 

At Oaks Park High School we believe it is important that our More Able students are recognised and suitably catered for both in the classroom and as well as in extra-curricular activities.

 How are More Able students identified?

  • An average KS2 data score of 110 or above in both English and Maths
  • Teacher identification and assessment 
  • Continued internal testing

What is the More Able Programme? 

In some subjects, intervention programmes aimed at stretching the most academic students also take place. Oaks Park also offers a programme of extended curriculum opportunities. These enrichment activities focus on raising students’ aspirations and critical thinking, targeting those Most Able students in particular. A Key Stage specific Google Classroom page has been created in order for students to access extended work and home learning activities. Students are also encouraged to attend the Oaks Park lecture series, where aspirational outside speakers like Professor Robert Winston are invited in to speak to our students.

Extra Curricular activities such as:
    • Connect Physics - St Mary’s University students run a workshop which introduces students to Physics impact on careers. 
    • Live Autopsy - A staged live operating table for those interested in biology and the human body
    • Franklin Scholars - A mentoring programme set up and operated by students for students.
    • Relevant work experience and careers visits 

National competitions such as:
    • Poetry and writing competitions through the LRC
    • Speak Out Challenge

How can I support my More Able child?

Parents have a vital role to play in supporting their child’s progress and sense of wellbeing. The Most Able Coordinator will act as a key point of contact for parents of Most Able students. All parents of Most Able Students will be informed that their child is on the register and in keeping with the schools assessment policy, will receive regular reports about their child’s academic progress. Parents will also be informed of any additional intervention or support being offered to their child to help them fulfil their academic potential.  There are many steps you can take to support and nurture your child’s skills and talents, some of these are:

  • Encourage a broader knowledge and understanding of the world, watch the news or documentaries so they can appreciate the context of their learning and develop an interest in current affairs.
  • Provide opportunities to read for pleasure, encourage your child to read a range of fiction and non-fiction texts to develop their vocabulary and build their general knowledge.
  • Try to set up a broad range of experiences, visit museums, theatres or universities to provide your child with aspirations, there are some suggestions available on our website.
  • Encourage your child to stretch and challenge themselves in a specific subject by visiting their relevant Key Stage Google Classroom page. Work with your child to complete some of these tasks where possible.